Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Weekend was a Food Tour, Part 2

"Bring on more food" -- Us.

Our tour included the smallest house in Manhattan, with the charming address of 75 1/2:

Stop #2: Bleecker Street Pizza, arguably the best pizza on the island. I liked it! That thin, crispy crust worked for me this time. (But if you must know, I think the best pizza in the world can be had at any mom and pop joint in Jersey. I like thick, doughy crust and impossibly large slices. Just one opinion...)

Stop #3: A lovely deli... the name of which I cannot recall. I dug those Sicilian rice balls, though!

Always a treat to catch quality street music.
Stop #4: Bagels on the Square. When I wasn't living on the East Coast, bagels are the thing I would miss the most. I don't mean crappy grocery store ones, or the uninspiring ones from national chains. I mean the thick, chewy, fresh deli bagels with far too much cream cheese slathered on them. Well... MAMA'S HOME NOW, so bagels!

Stop #5: Molly's Cupcakes. Apparently the Cupcake Wars get ugly in NYC. I am impartial... but I will devour the spoils.

Stop #5: SWEET GLORIOUS COFFEE at Porto Rico Importing Co.


Stop #6: Pasticceria Bruno Cafe & Bakery for cannolis.

(Unofficial) Stop #7Vosges Chocolat.

The chocolate shop was decorated for Dia de los Muertes, and there were many options for chilies in chocolate. Mmmm.

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