Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spiraling Out of Control

Not me--but my book stack is.

I'm working the weekend away, but I have tomorrow off, so my goal is to finish much of what I've started.

I'm into a lot of different things these days, and this picture is a good indication. Featured in this pic:

Comics/graphic novels, "Blankets" by Craig Thompson and a DC Harley Quinn comic.

Poetry, "Poet in New York" by Federico Garcia Lorca and the same Neruda biography I've been reading all summer.

Fiction, "The Deep End of the Ocean" by Jacquelyn Mitchard and "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. Oh, and "It" by Stephen King. I basically hate it though.

A short story collection, "Women in their Beds" by Gina Berriault.

Aaaand two editions of Poets & Writers Magazine. Both started. Both unfinished. Oi.

That is 11 things I am reading. Almost all of them are due back to one public library or another by the end of October.

I told you I was out of control.

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