Sunday, November 11, 2012

Before you Treat Yoself: Volunteer.

Yesterday my ladyfriends were talking about having a salon day. I know it's necessary to pamper yourself sometimes, like when work and other commitments are especially demanding. But before I got my eyebrows did, I signed us all up for some volunteering.

The three of us put in four hours updating unclear data entries on this map of area gas stations. That's a lot of work! I learned how to find and use latitude/longitude coordinates on Google maps, and I'm really proud of this resource for people in areas hit hard by the hurricane.

And then I really, really took a break from community work.

This recipe inspired me to make a fall-color bundt cake. Nom.

Today was a comfy day--I took a walk, danced like a Bollywood star, and read a YA book cover-to-cover in one sitting.

Baking mint-chip brownies and knitting all night. Moar weekend pleeze?

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