Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nostalgia and New Dishes

Milwaukee circa 2010
I'm always wary of getting too nostalgic, because the only way is forward, and our best days must be ahead.

But here's the thing: I never really just listen to music anymore. I'm busy! And not very gadget-y. I have never owned an i-Anything (Boo! me all you want, but I've found it's good practice not to carry around anything that people would want to mug you for, if you live in cities, anyway).

That said, sometimes it's nice to sit around on the floor with your friends and swap out records on the turntable. From the Arcade Fire to Radiohead to the soundtrack to Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (thrift stores forever!), it's great to know that you're all listening at the same time, stuck somewhere between remembering the familiar songs and renewing your awe for how good each album is.

Because in high school, all you ever wanted to do with listen to music and discover new music and talk about music and put the same song on, over and over again, on your Discman as you fell asleep.

And it's fun to relive that, once in a while.

Oh, and then you eat tapas. So much good tapas, and you feel like high-rollers because you've got this amazing Groupon that lets you pay a fraction of what the bill should really be. And at the end of the night your server jokes that you're the most polite large group she's ever waited on--because you are really all grown-ups now, not the rowdy high schoolers you once were.

Here's our guide to a great vegetarian (but not quite vegan) tapas tour:

  • Torilla de Patata: Omelet-like egg creation, with fried potatoes inside.
  • Quesos from cows and goats alike, sometimes paired with fruit preserves.
  • Patacas Bravas: Potatoes with SPICY MAYO that goes well with everything. Especially the cheeses.
  • Espinaca
  • Judias con Ajo: String beans with so. much. garlic.
  • Vegetales a la Plancha: Veggie skewers (yes I put spicy mayo on this).
  • An order of sangria!

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