Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Out of the frying pan, into the Nor'Easter

Hurricane Sandy Survival Tips:
  • Light candles. For ambiance. You may be cold and disoriented and really really sick of Campbell's soup. But keep it classy.

  • Take turns reading Bossypants by Tina Fey out loud. This way, only one flashlight has to be used at any given time. Plus, it will make you laugh! Which is good when your life looks like the zombie apocalypse!
  • That's about it. Just survive.
We were without power (read: HEAT) for three days, but we made it through and life is kind of back to normal. Except it's snowing?

In the wake of the hurricane--power outages, damaged roads, unsafe water--I've had two robotics programs I was supposed to teach get canceled. There's one I'm really looking forward to scheduled for tomorrow night--we'll see.

We're also on our third or fourth rain date for a safe Trick Or Treating event for the youth of New Brunswick. Hopefully, we'll FINALLY get to celebrate Halloween on November 9.

I know that there are much, MUCH bigger issues at stake here (last item of this post, I PROMISE) but I started to despair that I'd never get to wear the Halloween costume I'd so lovingly thrifted in the last month... So on Monday, I wore it around the office. Just for funsies.

I give you Han Solo:

What's that? You think all of my children's programs will be canceled for the rest of the week?

Yesterday was Election Day in the US and/or A. It was kind of a big deal--a close presidential race, worries about folks unable to get to polls because of storm damage, Donald Trump's Tweets (#justkidding).

I'd voted by mail a few weeks ago, so all I could do was await the results. With RETAIL THERAPY. I'm a huge fan of Parks and Rec (Fey/Poehler 2016!), and the clip about Treat. Yo. Self. was my inspiration yesterday. I bought... a pair of clearance shoes to replace these other clearance shoes I got, but I walked in them so much that I cracked the soles.

...Actually, the closest I come to Treating Myself is: Stopping Myself From Looking Like a Ragamuffin.

OK, can I get real for a moment? Today I volunteered for a few hours with this really amazing interactive map project, which is an updated list for folks to find gasoline and clothing drives in the NY-NJ areas.

Now I can amaze people with great stories like, This one time I called every gas station in the Bronx...

Check it out! And contribute if you have updated information! And please, please be safe tonight!

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