Friday, November 9, 2012

Out of time

Ever since we lost power during Sandy, my relationship with time has been confused. I went from having no power and nowhere to be (as well as no gasoline to get anywhere) and never knowing the time (or sometimes the date), and jumped back into 10-hour-long days of community work.

My workdays are eventful and pass too quickly, but when I look back on how much happened, I feel like yesterday morning was three weeks ago.

To wit:

Yesterday morning through the afternoon I attended an administrative meeting at an office in a county park. It was a winter (err, fall) wonderland!

From there I went to spend two and a half hours updating this useful map. Today I called every gas station along the Jersey Shore. I'm going to let that sink in a bit.

Oh! First I paid off my tab at the food co-op. To make volunteer shifts go smoother at the store, cashiers are allowed to eat co-op food and pay later. Much later. We keep track on these little cards taped to a freezer--except this time, I filled up two cards before I finally paid for it all. Turns out I eat about $50 worth of vegan cookies, Fair trade coffee, sugar-free gum and other snacks every month. Tabs are fun to accumulate and painful to settle up. Shudder.

From the map project, I went to lead a robotics program. Love this sign for the event. Love it. Our robots this month looked more like crocodiles, though...

I'm in the midst of another long day, but somewhere along the line I decided it was finally time to put my summer clothes away. Goodbye, beautiful sun dresses, I'll miss you...

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