Sunday, December 9, 2012

Horrible Holiday Photos, or, Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Last night, it was time for a festive adventure.

Look how into the holiday spirit these ladies are:

She twinkles!

Candy Cane!
To bask in this holiday spirit, we took a car through a church's live nativity event.

The line for the driving tour was nearly an hour. For a while, I thought this bumper sticker was the closest we'd get:

But then it was our turn!!!!

I took some horrible photos. I can't remember what I was thinking as I was framing each shot, but what developed seconds later was largely... disturbing. I don't know if I got stuck with the camera from Say Cheese and Die, or if it was too dark outside, or if I just don't understand the settings on a camera I borrowed (without asking. Oops!). Whatever the case, my pictures are terrible.

Let me be clear: When I say that the following pictures make me laugh, I am not laughing at the folks who dedicated their time and energy to planning this live nativity. They put a lot of hard work into it! No, I am laughing at how bad I am at photography.

So please, laugh at how bad I am at photography with me:

Wow, what horrible pictures!

There is one picture I actually like:

I just think it looks cool. I have no idea what I was actually trying to capture here, so this is probably also a FAIL.

From there, diner. From there, cozy Steve Martin movie viewing. A good night... and some terrible photos.

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