Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Whirlwind Holiday

Christmas is over?! It was a blur. A good blur.

Volunteered six hours straight at the co-op, and left with some key ingredients for a Christmas Punch:

After this shift I got burritos with a friend at Cinco de Mayo. I think this should become a weekly occurrence--yes, I propose Cinco Sundays.

On Christmas Eve I picked up another friend for some last-minute shopping... for myself. I wanted a "new" outfit for family parties. So we went to Goodwill.

As always, there were questionable prints:

I DIDN'T buy this for myself, and I have no idea why:

It was wonderful to have a little snow on Christmas Eve:

I kept my family warm with hot whiskey... I mean hot toddies:

I made more treats for Christmas Day:

It was a family affair:

It ended as all holidays should:

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