Sunday, January 20, 2013

Working for the Weekends...

I've been trying to squeeze the most out of my weekends, which has been rewarding and fun.

Last Friday was the first meet of a new book club (the second one I'm a part of) and we read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. We met at The Loving Hut, a favorite spot for this group.

During the week I worked, and worked, and read some Rumi. The week ended and life got interesting again. But first, look at these gloves:

Christmas gift, hand-made, by my mom. They are BEAUTIFUL and warm!
Yesterday I hosted my most successful Knitting Party yet--lots of snacks and lessons and yarn-swapping. We also encouraged folks to do some knitting for Warm Up America.

I've written before about the day I saw Fiona Apple in Montclair and chanced upon a charming tea house and a tarot card reader. Well, I herded most of the knitting party up to Montclair to meet up with more friends and check this place out.

Not everyone in the group got readings, or was even interested. Luckily, the cafe was cozy, so we could snack, drink tea, or play games. Poker got intense while we bid with sugar packets:

And this group caused and uproar with Dirty Minds:

The night, of course, ended with Veggie Heaven. So tasty. So delicious. (And we took up the whole place with our party of 10!)

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