Sunday, February 10, 2013

Burning Out, Taking Down Time

The above list is what I look at all day long at work; I made it for myself on my day back in the office of 2013. (Sweet use of Crayola markers, I know.) I wear a few different hats at this job, and I'm trying to keep them all on at once, it seems.

Life has been busy, which I usually enjoy. But this week it reached a point where I felt like I was losing my mind. When I feel like I don't have a single moment to myself throughout the day, I know I am burning out.

I need to update my resume and start seriously thinking about what my life will look like once my current AmeriCorps term is up. But I just don't have time right now. Maybe after one fabulous Seed Swap event, and once our children's programming is really off the ground and meeting regularly, and when the extra projects I've taken on for the co-op are wrapping up... Maybe then.

I week and a half ago, I looked through my planner and found some of the only free spots left. So I penciled myself in:

Really, truly, the only day I can do some work for myself.
This can be a bummer.

But whenever there's a victory at work, it reminds me why I got involved in all of this in the first place.

Arts and Crafts Club met on Thursday, and seriously, I am still laughing at how cute these turned out:

The yarn octopus.

After my work success, I celebrated by bringing a car full of folks to a more local Let's Yo, which was just as delicious as I'd remembered. I have had amazing treats at Let's Yo in Montclair, but I had never seen this chain close to home.

It was a great way to unwind after a busy work week; and a great way to begin three full days off in a row.

Saturday was a fantastic day of thrifting and book-swapping, and attending a brunch where the goal was to build. Blocks, Legos, K*Nex, whatever your preference was. Our instructions were to have snacks and be creative:

Lovely! I do feel refreshed, and ready to accomplish things for work--and for myself.

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