Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Highlight Reel


Busy, but still here.

No one likes hearing about 12+ hour workdays, or the grueling realities of serving on an ad-hoc exploratory committee, or crying into one's coffee every morning because there's just no time to sleep, right? RIGHT.

I'm still trying to fit the things I love most into my life: adventures with friends, baking treats (like this cake), writing fiction, reading novels, watching so much Downtown Abbey and vowing to be Maggie Smith when I grow up. I dig that Dayight Savings made the days longer, and hopefully it'll be Epic Walk season soon enough.

#1 Massive Baking Undertaking with a Friend
A lady I know surprised a family member with baby shower treats. I agreed to help, in exchange for a burrito. (I will do probably anything for a burrito.)

Have you ever baked and decorated one layer cake and 72 cupcakes? In one afternoon? It's ambitious!

Someone who is not nerdy and totally cool could say that we were mix masters. Yes, that is what cool kids would say about this:

Worth it. Look at these beauties:

#2 Volver a EspaƱol
One of my biggest regrets in my personal and professional life is that I am not fluent in Spanish. I started taking it in 5th grade but I never really progressed. Some of these factors were beyond my control (in high school we never filled the Spanish teacher slot; we cycled through substitute teachers every few weeks, and some had never studied Spanish. We also only had two levels of Spanish textbooks--we simply couldn't advance beyond Spanish II, even if we were to attempt it on our own.) Other factors were completely my fault, like the year I had my native-speaker boyfriend do my homework for me. (¡YOU IDIOT 10TH GRADER!)

I took Latin in college because I was sick of having to learn colors and classroom objects, and I didn't want to do speaking exercises. Then my senior year I realized how many opportunities I'd squandered, so I audited a freshman Spanish class.

That sentence contains my two mistakes--I audited a class the last semester before graduation. I paid nothing for it; I earned no grade. I wasn't truly invested. (I'm not a slacker! But sometimes I had to ditch class to go on job interviews!)

Also, I was placed with first year students who weren't fully out of high school habits. They were told they could not speak English in class; they only ever spoke English in class. They were doing it to fill a language requirement, which made the whole class have a bad vibe.

It's Lent right now, right? Well, here is my penance:

FLASHCARDS. The stuff of every student's nightmares. Blue is for verbs, red is for nouns.

I'm serious this time.

#3 Imminent Bollywood Stardom
My dance group took a hiatus, but we are back. This is how we move:

And that's all you need to know, for now.

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