Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Juicing for Health

So here's the rundown:

Friday was my last day of a one-year national community service term, which I spent building community garden infrastructure.

Saturday at midnight, my AmeriCorps term technically ended. I was unemployed for 10 hours.

Sunday I worked a nine-hour shift as a manager at a health food store. It was a lot of pacing the place, keeping surfaces clean, throwing out expired stuff... never a dull moment. I didn't really get a break or, well, eat anything all day.

By Tuesday I was officially on the books at a second job.

Somewhere in those lost days, my eyes started itching, I'd lost my voice, and I was very, very dizzy.

At first I thought it was seasonal allergies, or sinus pressure due to fickle spring weather. But eventually I had to accept--I have some kind of spring cold.


I've been making fruit-and-veg-packed juices to get good stuff into my body and get over this sickness.

On Day One I tried a green juice with sweet stuff like pears and honey, but with a powerful kick--a clove of garlic and a dash of cayenne.

It didn't kill me, but it did make me sweat. I actually had to nap off all the heat I felt, which I was able to do because I worked a closing shift all day. So take note: a cayenne smoothie is not something to take as a breakfast on-the-go!

Yesterday I made this citrusy blast:

It's got a lot of oranges, clementines, carrots and ginger. It gave me an energy and mood boost, so I could power through a day at two jobs.

Today I made another green juice, but it was wonderfully sweet because of its almond milk base.

Oh, did I mention? Today I actually had a day off from everything. I've largely been sleeping, and I do feel a bit better.

I've also been drinking lots of tea with lemon juice and honey. Now, I am a HUGE dairy fan (froyo every day!), but to fight off The Illness I have been trying to replace cow's milk with almond milk, rice milk and the like. (Only until the phlegm passes. Then I am going on a WHOLE MILK BINGE!)

My life won't be at this slow of a pace for long, so I need to rest up (and drink healthy juice) while I can...

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