Sunday, April 14, 2013

Loving Hut... and a loving club

Nothing like a Saturday evening book club meet to celebrate a sunny weekend.

We... mostly hated the book, I Don't Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner. It sounded so promising! I LOVE it when funny women write books.

But Julie Klausner wasn't very funny. Mean-spirited, catty, and willing to share every gross detail of her sex life? Sure. But that's not funny to me. Miserable people who try to self-medicate with the attention of other people is not funny to me. It's sad.

The Loving Hut was delightful, as always. My sandwich was tasty, and my vegan, gluten-free raspberry cake blew my mind. HOW WAS THERE NO DAIRY IN THERE?!

It was a great crew/great discussion. What makes stand-up or a podcast funny? What makes it boring?

I am so so so excited for our next pick, Left Neglected, a novel that explores how a brain injury changes a woman's life and makes her examine who she is.

I was home in time to change and start getting ready for a different sort of night... Dancing at a night club!

I take a twisted pleasure in reading One Star reviews on Yelp, and the ones for Chris Michaels were pretty entertaining. Some highlights:

  • But I feel like no matter what kinda night it is, there will always be creepy dudes lurkin' and smart mouth bouncers.
  • Too many creepers, cougars, and very jerseylicious.
  • Cannoli's were middle of the road. Not super impressed but not terrible.
  • The drinks are expensive! ($8 for 1 Kamikazi shot). The scene is very very Jersey (guys and girls who are only attractive in low lighting).


But sometimes you just need to dance--ignore the crowd around you, deal with music that's not your favorite, and let it all out.

Also, we found a nearly-empty basement room that was doing hip-hop night. We were able to breathe! No one bothered us at all.

My favorite moment of the night was when we formed a circle and did our favorite moves from The Bollywood Dance Workout. Have you ever seen seven people doing "feed the chickens" at once?? It was a fantastic sight I won't soon forget.

In case you're keeping track, I went out A LOT this weekend. Life is changing fast in my friend circle, and sometimes you need to celebrate and let off steam at the same time.

My AmeriCorps term ends this week. There are a few different directions I could go in, and I may spend the summer working quite a few part-time jobs while I wait to settle into something more permanent. It's an exciting, but daunting reality for me--I can't help but imagine this summer as a time when I'll hardly have room for meals and a good night's rest, let alone two nights in a row out with the ladyfriends...

Another epic change: My oldest friend on earth (we go back to church nursery) is leaving the state for a great job, and for love. This is fantastic! But I'm going to miss her! She's an adventurous and open-minded spirit, not to mention kind and so hilarious I often can't breathe from laughing.

I love you KeriMann Bananwicz. Travel safe, and expect a visit soon!


  1. I'm sure you know this, but your blog has been kicking copious amounts of ass lately. So jealous of your Rocky HPS. night...

    1. John, thank you for reading!!! Madison MUST have a Rocky cast, right? It would be unbelievable if that city didn't...