Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Familiar Places in Different Lights

The past few days have been refreshing for my perspective on the place I grew up, and the more recent routines I've gotten into.

This Saturday both my jobs had a fund-raiser and a huge special event, and I helped out in both. After an early-morning pancake breakfast fundraiser for job #1, I opened the store for job #2.

Turns out I was working at the starting point for one of NJ's only March Against Monsanto rallies. I have to say, I could never begin to imagine what it would look like to see about 300 people come in and out of the co-op in one hour. These camera phone shots barely do it justice:

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so I had off from both jobs!

Treated myself to a three-mile walk around a park I've been going to since childhood. But I hadn't been back in years, so returning as an adult made me see the place with new eyes.

It's spring! Things are alive! Hooray!


Made it home just as my town's Memorial Day Parade was about to start--and the starting point was right in my neighborhood.

I have NEVER seen so many cars on my street! It was a sight to see:

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