Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nice work, if you can get it!

Some of my mom's family is in town for my sister's college graduation, so my life is filled with celebrations!

Yesterday we took a family trip into New York City.

I avoid Times Square when possible, so even I was shocked when we took a long walk through it. The people! The lights! The bustle!

My mom's family is very musical and artistic, so we thought a Broadway show would be a great way to spend the overcast afternoon. So, we checked out the TKTS booth in Times Square and had amazing luck!

Five half-price seats for Nice Work If You Can Get It, which is apparently a hot show right now!

I didn't know a whole lot about the show, but when I learned that it was Gershwin music with Matthew Broderick as the leading man, I was sold.

First stop: lunch at Roxy, where I'd once eaten before seeing Chicago on Broadway. After a round of cheese sandwiches and beer (or coffee! or milk) all around, we were fortified for the show.

The musical was so fun! I laughed the whole time. Comedy, high jinks, and star-crossed lovers collided in the Prohibition era, and man, did that story make organized crime look like fun.

And obviously, Broderick was charming and funny and such a great dancer.

Bow bow.

I can neither confirm nor deny that my mom shouted "SAVE FERRIS!" into the theatre before the curtain went up. I'll leave that up to your imagination...

The only downside to the whole experience is that the show let us out just as rush hour was beginning, and we had to get from Broadway to Penn Station to the NJ Transit line.

NYC can be a rough city--the sheer volume of people can crush you if you deviate from the flow of foot traffic.

Throughout the day we'd been overwhelmed by kindness; on the train ride in, an orange went rolling on the floor, and was returned to us by another passenger. After lunch we noticed a credit card had tried to escape, but was then returned by a restaurant owner.

So, New Yorkers: not rude or mean. But they hurry, and you'd better hurry alongside them. OR ELSE.

But we survived and made it safely back to Jersey. Phew!

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