Friday, May 24, 2013

The family that brews together, is cool forever.

Happy Birthday, Timmy!!

To celebrate, the Epp Fam brewed two batches of beer together at The Brewer's Apprentice.

It's fun to sample along the way...


Then, home to celebrate some more.

Do you know what this is, my friends?

It is a pie, with a brownie crust, filled with froyo, then topped with Fluff, Oreo pieces, cookie dough bites, and Nutella. It is a YO PIE.

We munched on that and played some very rude games of Cards Against Humanity. I almost had Yo Pie coming through my nose. YO NO.

Then to a diner for some sweet, sweet reunion with one of my oldest and best friends.

She put it best. "Deliciousness all around" !

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