Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grounds for Sculpture

Princeton, NJ isn't very far from where I live, but I'd never been there before--until yesterday. My friends and I decided it was time to explore Grounds for Sculpture, and it was certainly an adventure!

We knew we were in the right place when we saw these figures in the mist:

So we walked through this gypsy cart (restaurant) and began our long walk.

Finding statues along the walk felt like a game. Some were hard to miss, some looked so lifelike that it made us do a double-take, and some seemed to be hiding from the viewer.

Look who is sitting at the table! "Girl with a Pearl Earring"!

Totally normal picnic.

There was some contemporary art featured as well, though it wasn't as prominent:

Everything about the grounds was beautiful--the plant life, the architecture, and the art were all well-planned and beautifully maintained.

Alicia, a sunbathing beauty

 A sculpture that fits in perfectly to a natural landscape.

Creeping up on these statues...

Meta moment: artist-statue paints other statues.
Oh, excuse us... WAIT!

Probably the most realistic, but still--STATUES.

Jen and Alicia ended up in the kettle--if you squint you can see them!


And then it was time to leave out through the gypsy cart...
And out into Princeton for dinner and ice cream.

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