Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hell's Kitchen. And bagels.

Got myself into Manhattan by 10 a.m. yesterday for some adventures... mostly involving food.

OF COURSE the first place I stopped in was a fresh foods market.

Got some goodies at Amish Market West and went on my way. I wandered through Hell's Kitchen, which is in fact heavenly.

Then reconnected with my friends who got married this spring. We started out on a mission: to find high-quality NYC bagels.

First stop was a bust. Well, the Petrossian Cafe was very nice, but had more flaky pastries and espresso drinks than bagels. Make that, NO BAGELS.

Eventually we found an adorable spot called The Lunchbox.

We ate in a park, looking at a farmer's market. Perfect.
Connecting with more lovely people throughout the afternoon!

I got this shot by being creepy. But I love it SO MUCH that I don't care!
Sister lurve.

All in all, a beautiful day in NYC.

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