Thursday, July 4, 2013


All of these pictures are already a week old, but it's taken me forever to find the time to blog...

A friend of mine had an amazing party idea, which centered around the idea of making connections.

She made canvasses of different colored dots, and taught (or just reminded) the room how to play a childhood game with them. Yes, the idea was to connect the dots. But it was also about connecting people.

I loved those canvases! I even got to take one home:

And then there are the mellow Sundays where you find yourself wandering around Goodwill with a gaggle of friends. It warms my heart that so many of us got lost in the book section, and made it to the check-out counter with very tall stacks. Hey, it was only $1 for each--or even better if they were on a Half Off special.

Goodwill is always a treasure hunt. We spent a long time wondering what to make of this particular knickknack:

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