Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Crepes to Crooklyn

What a Saturday!

I met up with one of my oldest friends, who is visiting from California, for breakfast. We split two orders of crepes--one savory and one sweet--and shared updates on life. It was a morning that made me feel refreshed and excited for more adventures.

Picstitch made by Melanie DiBenedetto

From there I drove to Montclair to connect with a friend, and head on to South Park Slope, Brooklyn.

It was fun to have an hour layover in Montclair! So many little antique shops to discover...

Driving to the train station we saw a street fair being set up. I wished I could be in two places at once.

After a breezy train ride or two, we arrived in South Park Slope, BKLN. It was fun to walk around in one of the Five Burroughs I don't get to see too much.

Invaded a friend's apartment, and marveled at her rooftop view.

Rain in the distance,

We could actually see a storm breaking.

We thought we could beat the approaching storm, but whoops, we got caught in it. But you know what? It was pretty beautiful rain.

Dried off, had yummy sandwiches and brownies at S'Nice, and picked up another member of our crew.

From there we explored South Slope nightlife. Supercollider had great drink specials and a very mellow atmosphere.

Last stop was the Sea Witch (where I cast a love spell on everyone, obviously).

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