Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Flavors

It's the dog days of summer, and it certainly feels the part.

Summer has been hazy and humid so far, but I still love this time of year. Everything is lush. Everything is alive. Yesterday it felt like I had a tour through the best summer smells and flavors.

First off, a coworker treated the office to this jugo de naranjilla yesterday. It was a sweet, citrusy flavor, and a welcome relief on a 100-degree day.

We went to our local Spanish grocery store for lulu. Worth investigating!
From the office I went to a school garden I help out at. It is thriving, and I am proud of it.

Things change fast in the garden. I was ecstatic to notice these new arrivals.

This is smaller than my fist, but doe you know what it will be?

And this fuzzy stuff means corn is coming!

Consider this my love letter to pollinators. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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