Friday, August 16, 2013

Fever dreams?

In spite of working at a health food store, selling/taking supplements, juicing fresh fruits/veggies daily, and getting lots of exercise... I am sick.  It's a late-summer head-cold that my friends and family were kind enough to give me. THANKS GUYS.

It breaks my heart to report that my illness coincides with maybe the best summer weather we've had in Jersey all summer. Seventy-five degrees, sunny, windy, no humidity... it's a dream come true.

I cannot be inside on days like this (now we're having our third in a row). Yesterday I decided to take a long walk and sweat out whatever it is that has me in its grip.

Maybe I was just feverish, but Rutgers Gardens looked especially gorgeous.

I walked for more than an hour--which was more than I'd planned to do. I got a little lost, truth be told.

I've walked these trails countless times, so maybe I did have a fever. Also: After Hurricane Sandy, many of the paths were closed off. Even the last time I walked here, months ago, many of the routes I knew were inaccessible due to fallen trees, unclear markers, etc.

It seems to me like much more is open now, and I walked paths I'd been apart from for more than a year. It's comforting to have them back... I just need to budget more time per hike!

Home. Made a kale juice with a garlic clove, cayenne pepper and fresh ginger root. It made me sleep and when I woke up, my brain felt a lot less hazy.

Still recovering today, but feeling hopeful I'll kick this soon.

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