Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summertime Sunday

My weekend was a never-ending party!

On Sunday I made it to Southern NJ to visit a dear friend from high school who I don't get to see as much as I'd like, and her charming almost-2-year-old.

THIS LIL GUY. Dangerously cute.
We took a stroll to get some ice cream...

I want to give this little man all of the treats!

Auntie Laura did spoil this guy, just a little.

My girl right here:

When I was back in Central NJ I went to a friend's birthday party, but cut out early because Breaking Bad is back. So for those of you in the know, the rest of my night looked like this:

I've been trying to blog this past Sunday all week, but I've been getting lost in other projects.

I brought home a locally grown melon and some organic pecans so I could make this recipe. Prepping that cantaloupe took a long time, but the results were worth it! I never knew that "praline" meant "pecan." THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

I spent more hours than I'd like to admit agonizing over a children's arts & crafts program. The idea was to cut up cardboard egg cartons and turn them into bugs. But this month I learned that cardboard cartons are hard to come by--Styrofoam is is vogue, apparently.

But I do love teaching kids to make recycled crafts, so I improvised. A very kind worker at a Dunkin Donuts gave me several to-go carrying trays, so I spent some time slicing them up.

This is my demo ladybug (minus the googly eyes--use your imagination.) Recycled craft COMPLETE!

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