Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Tools of an Adventurer

I'm rough on clothes. I can't help it. On any given workday I walk at least 40 minutes between jobs. I garden. I bring heavy bottles of kombucha down a set of stairs. I race after children. I mop floors. I freshen up organic produce. And for fun, I walk some more.

So, a pair of (admittedly cheap) shoes I got in April is already wearing down. I won't chuck them out just yet, but I also can't wear them on very rainy days--they let in leaks!

I'm totally heartbroken that my AmeriBag is decomposing. I got it at a Goodwill more than a year ago, and its been my daily companion ever since. I can fit a hardcover novel in there! And my water thermos! And and and! All kinds of unimaginable odds and ends.

But last week the strap started falling apart. It chafes my neck now, and leaves black plastic-y bits on my clothes.

R.I.P. best handbag of all time:

I hate throwing things away, and I hate shopping for new stuff even more.

But I also cannot live my life and do the things I love without a few basics. Walkable shoes. A reusable water bottle. Pens and paper.

These are the tools for an adventurer. They don't have to be expensive or grand, but they do need to function, and keep me functional. I hate spending money, so I always ask myself first, "What is the purpose? Do I need this?"

Yesterday I decided that yes, I do need these tools:

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