Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gypsy Rules

I watched friends hand off ripped CDs of Kerouac reading his poetry. We drove around to his voice, windows down, on the way to the beach. Kerouac and classic rock radio were our constant companions.

I lost myself on the road. After so many days of back-to-back jobs and the hustle and bustle of the Northeast and the worry, worry, worry... I sent a few texts telling people I was never going to back to NJ.

Maybe I got a little ahead of myself...

My two favorite words in the English language, care of Old Books on Front Street:

Front Street Brewery for a $1.99 lunchtime microbrew:

Do you know what I found fascinating about this city? There is an open-mic stand-up subculture... that lives in hookah bars.

What a cool combination!

OH AND ALSO. The Juggling Gypsy is decked out in comic book and Sci-Fi paraphernalia. Nerd culture and hookah? Why didn't I think of that?! 

I'm sorry this shot didn't turn out better, because I love this sign. Of course these were made to help patrons of this particular lounge, but they could also apply more broadly.

Gypsy Rules
Sit with and talk to strangers
Participate! (You will have much more fun)
Keep an open mind
If you have questions, ASK!
No Intolerance/Fighting/Aggression
No Overt Corporate Advertising

Works for me!

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