Monday, September 30, 2013

Dreaming, Reading, Crafting

Whoa. You know my last blog post? That was my last day off from work. It is Day 16 Since My Last Day Off, and counting...

I'll try to string together some words that make sense. Here's what my life has been about:

Books, Bound and Otherwise

For more than a month, I've been meaning to write about The Goshawk by T.H. White, an out-of-print book I got from an interlibrary loan. It was a beautiful old bound book, made of paper!

I say this because I have truly been enjoying my Kindle Fire HD. I could not put down Corona
by Bushra Rehman when I read it on Kindle, and now I am totally engrossed in Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward, which I am also reading on Kindle.

This e-book reader brings me fresh voices, instantly, and I flip through them ravenously.

But my goodness, I do still love paper! I am addicted to book shops or garage sales/thrift shops with books. I like accidentally stumbling upon a book I wasn't looking for.

And oh, how my heart breaks for books that are out of print! I cannot believe that books like A Walk in the Night by Alex la Guma or Now in November by Josephine Johnson are classics, and still so readable today... and not being pressed anywhere.

And also, it seems, not being adapted for digital readers.

So I will not stop hunting for unusual print books, because I'm afraid that some of my favorites might slip through the Kindle cracks, too.

The Dreaming

I run a weekly arts and crafts programs with three ages groups: K-1, grades 2-4, and grades 5-8. I love them all, and I love learning what each group is interested in.

And I love taking over tables and making them look like this:

Last week my oldest group of kids talked about art of indigenous peoples in Australia. The group was so mellow that I was able to make my own picture to use as an example:

Stuff My Face

I am trying to catch up with cool peoples, even though I work every day.

But I do fit it in. Sometimes you have to stuff your face with a mini pizza that has been folded in on itself. Or with some hookah after work. Or with a beer or two around a bonfire.

Back to those bolis:

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