Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yard Sailors on the Open... Streets

Look, sometimes plans fall through, or emergencies come up, and day excursion doesn't go down as planned. But you still have some really cool people in your kitchen--some of them brought bagels!--so you decide to be cozy, drink pumpkin spice tea, and make a Plan B.

Plan B was: go to all of the yard sales!!!

Then I found a single-use 35mm camera for $1, so I made that the tool to capture today's adventure.

It was uncanny to have to wind the film! We kept forgetting that we couldn't see how the pic turned out as soon as it was snapped.

I started to edit these photos, but then I realized that you can see bits of the film negative in each shot. And that is charming to me. So here they are, as they developed (not bad for film that expired in 2011):

So majestic.


New sunglasses for all!

Someone was selling bunnies! No buyers, but we did take a peek.

The day ended as all days should: With SO MANY CREPES:

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