Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ode to Ugly Quilt

When you craft for love and profit, you tend to amass supplies. One web site that could possibly turn me into a hoarder is, a place to coordinate pickups and dropoffs of stuff, so that things aren't wasted.

I Freecycle often for work. This week my car is brimming with worn-down crayon nubs, because sometimes you want to teach kids to "paint" with the wax, and buying fresh boxes of crayons for this project is silly if not insane.

I have Freecycled bundles of fabric in the last two years... and not done anything with them yet. To be honest, the patterns aren't quite to my taste, but I always figured something would come along.

This winter, I have decided to learn quilting. Almost exclusively from this YouTube video. I am nervous, because if there are two things I struggle with in this life, they are: math and cutting straight.

It seems unwise to buy reams of fresh fabric to practice on, so I am going to quilt with supplies I already have, supplies I didn't choose myself. The fabric doesn't exactly match. I'm not even using the right fabric, really. (Cotton is ideal; I am quilting with leftover upholstery materials.) I am pretty sure some of this stuff was curtains in its past life. (My dreams of becoming Maria Von Trapp SHALL NEVER DIEEEE.)

I'm still in the earliest stages, but I predict that the quilt I end up will be ugly.

And that's OK. It's OK because Ugly Quilt has a lot to teach me. Such as:

Ugly Quilt is practice. The hardest part of learning how to knit, for me, was learning when I was so far off-base and had to shred all my work and start over. I hate feeling like I've wasted my time, but even stitches that end up shred were practice. I had to learn somehow!

Ugly Quilt will teach me patience. I am sewing by hand, and it is time-consuming. This may take me months to complete. Just getting patches out of one pattern of fabric took me an hour. But that's how it goes.

Ugly Quilt is my version of catching cats. It's the skills I'm developing that matter, not the first result.

I already love Ugly Quilt, and it's still in pieces on my bedroom floor.

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