Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Gaming Eve

Someone once told me that the way you ring in New Year's Eve predicts the year you have ahead.

I hope that's true, because then 2014 is going to be nothing but FUN. And it'll have a lot of mac'n'cheese.

It was a night of games. Everyone had to wear a letter, or make one out of masking tape, though we weren't told why.

Two Qs, what are the odds?

An E and an X.

Finally, the reveal: several rounds/themes of Scattergories!

My NYE also involved dares to Twerk it, and some sad yet funny comics.

And, one party-goer took pictures of people, and tried to draw them in 5 minutes or less. It was cool to watch!

These gummy bears were soaked in alchy for a special after-dinner treat:

We were so into the game that we almost forgot to watch the Ball drop!

But we did watch, and shouted the countdown, and 2014 was here for us. And then this happened:

Everyone exchanged kisses. the doggies got kisses, too.



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