Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2014: A feast for the senses

I just got back from the celebration of color, texture and style known as Vogue Knitting Live NYC.

A huge part of the event was an expo of different knitters and yarn shops from around the world. Every pattern, fabric, color and needle style was on display, and it was fun to walk around and ogle.

Marriott Marquis on Broadway. Swanky.

Knitted toys are really appealing to me these days. And also, I want French fries.

Knit sculpture. A phrase I heard a lot this weekend was "fiber arts," which I never knew existed, but I am so glad that it does:

Knitting + donuts = all that is good in this world:

I don't understand what arm-knitting is, but this is it happening here:

These people are knitting themselves new arms! I think! Nope. I still don't know what arm-knitting is.

The Marketplace: a magical treasure trove.

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