Sunday, May 18, 2014

Greek Festival

First off, I watched the documentary Dolce Vita Africana, about the life and career of Malian photographer Malik Sidibe. It was such a fun slice of history, culture, imagery and music! It makes me want to dress up and go dancing with friends, and photograph every pose and beautiful moment.

So I brought my camera along yesterday for St. George Greek Festival.

But first, I walked for a few hours at Rutgers Gardens. Man, I could really live in the bamboo forest:

This is a public festival based in a church community, but Busch campus of Rutgers University was home to a drop off/pick up point. We hopped on a free shuttle to the festival from campus, which was much appreciated.

Highlights of the festival include music and dance performances, guided tours of the church, and FOOD. So much food, all the food all the the time.

Vegetarians can still feast at Greek Fest! Feta, olives, Greek fries, spanakopita, and beerz. Mmmm.

We saw the beginners dance performance, which is impressive.

Opa, ladies!

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