Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boston, je t'aime

Boston, I love you.

I never feel so alive as when I travel. And it's not just about enjoying the destination--I love being on the road. I don't think these pictures do it justice, that feeling.

Jersey Girls flock to diners like moths to a flame:

Bringing radical politics everywhere I go:

Just assume the car ride up was five straight hours of LL Cool J.

And then, Bean Town! We stayed in the Beacon Hill area and it was charming and beautiful.

For dinner on our first night we explored Little Italy/ the North End:

Dinner at Cafe Pompeii:

This. This is lobster ravioli in maple syrup and sage. I was feeling adventurous... it wasn't bad!

Our trip began on 7/11, i.e. FREE SLURPIE DAY AT 711!

It was a joy to walk around the North End at sunset. Spent some time at Langon Park, and watched folks play bocce ball!

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