Saturday, August 16, 2014

different parts and people

This summer I have been mindful of all the different parts and people in New Jersey that have shaped me. That I belong to. That feel like coming home.

It's not just the block I grew up on.

For instance, a huge part of who I was from the ages 13-18 was based on the first four No Doubt albums. I had a certain crew in high school that must have been this band's all-time biggest fans.

Sometimes, a decade later, you lounge around the pool playing every CD in its chronological order of release (we used to live and die with scavenging CDs and singles from used disc stores, and now the technology is antiquated), sipping sangria, singing along.

In the last week I've also attended County Fair--my third year in a row of attending for work... but also for fun!

There is comforting in the familiar, in having the same events mark each season.

But home still has much to teach me! This week I decided to write down the new Spanish words I learn and to keep quizzing myself on them. A shopper's search for shampoo led me to translate some words from the marketing world from English:

Loom bands remain popular with kiddos at work; letting them teach me this craft nine months ago was such a fun move:

A final thought: This is what summer 2014 looks like, to me. I was tabling for work at a fantastic community farmers market and was next to a family-run clothing business. I fell in love with the hand-embroidered shirt, below.

Flowery headband from County Fair. They are IN this season. And it seems to fit whatever aesthetic I'm going for here. (My aesthetic = No human has never loved another human the way I love Frida Kahlo.)

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