Sunday, August 17, 2014

You mean I don't have to wind the film?!

I love taking pictures, though I know very little about how to do this. My technological history is pretty pathetic, and I swear it was never purposefully ironic!

I went away to college, and even studied abroad, with a five-pack of disposable cameras. Yes, 35 MM film cameras. No zoom, brutal flash, no settings at all. You want to zoom in? Take a step closer.

These are all things I captured on film. The pics are grainy and blurry, but that's how these scenes looked in my memories too:

Cape Town, 2009.

Madison, WI

Home from the Midwest, at Evelyn's, New Brunswick, NJ. 2010?

Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI

Observatory, South Africa. 2011

I got my first digital camera at the end of 2010. (I swear I had not been living in an Amish community up till that point. I'm just a late bloomer.)

But I could capture LIGHT! And depth! And still-life wasn't blurry!!

Finds at Madison Farmers Market

South African graffiti

Sea Point, South Africa

Chicago, IL

My first digital camera was a hand-me-down. I got a new point-and-shoot digital camera for Christmas 2012.

When I get the chance to play with or borrow a real camera, I take it. And then worry that I don't know what I'm doing, because I'm not used to working with something with a lens cap, let alone options for shutter speed.

Ah well. Experiments, below:

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