Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stay Awake Through Summer Like We Own the Heat

Happy Birthday (Week) Caitlin!

First stop: dinner at Goldie's in Asbury Park, for vegan meals with a Latin flavor. And so much ambiance.

Another night out in head-to-toe Goodwill.

From there to Porta for all of the dancing.

Wobble baby.

My favorite parts of the weekend were the more offbeat moments. After a late-night run to Wawa for sandwiches, we took a moment to listen to this song by Brand New, sitting in the car in the lot of our motel.

This band was everything to folks who were teenagers while we were teenagers, at this location on earth. Jersey kids grew up to Brand New.

I can't hear this music and not feel instantly transported back in time. I have memories of shouting these lyrics with dear friends from high school. And now, when I meet people for the first time and find out we share this music history, we immediately start spilling our guts to one another. Brand New speeds up and deepens new friendships.

Funny thing: When I actually was 18, I skipped this track consistently. I knew I did not want to be 18 forever--I hated being 18! This song made me feel like I wasn't good at being 18--why was everyone have so much more fun than I was??

It did feel like those days would last forever. Instead, time flew by. Life threw some wicked curve balls and weird, unexpected adventures. But recordings of this album don't change. We can return to them, to measure where we've been.


Night faded into morning. We woke up in Asbury Park.

It's not like anything was going to be better than Porta, so we got more Porta, for brunch.

Last night's wristband at this morning's brunch. Also, this chick loves NJ.

We were going to lay out on the beach, but a friend had some car trouble after we parked, so we put down towels and blankets in the grassy knoll of the parking lot. It was a fine spot to get some sun, and FREE. Don't judge us.

And we were soothed by the irregular sounds of soundcheck at summer stage of the Stone Pony.

Growing up in New Jersey has absolutely shaped my relationship to music--all of my memories of this state are tinged with it. (The first time I went to The Stone Pony, I was 16. My parents took me to see Bruce Springsteen. SHALL I GO ON?)

I have never felt more Jersey. Or proud.

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