Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brunch and Brew City

I went back to Milwaukee to visit people. (Admittedly, I didn't even come close to seeing all the people I love. It was a short trip. I'll be back.)

I got in late Friday night and was greeted by a Midnight Dairy Buffet--cheese curds, frozen custard, om nom nom.

Sunday brunch is a MUST.

Even though it was snowing and the sun set at 4:30 p.m., I had to walk after brunch.

I walked from Juneau Park to Colectivo at the Lake. Back in my day it was called Alterra, but the vibe hasn't changed.

I used to walk six miles from the Marquette campus to visit this cafe. Epic Walks are a part  of me now, but I learned this about myself in college.

This trip made me wonder things like: would I be the same person today if I'd gone to a different university? Would I have eventually learned to take long walks, cook, read novels cover-to-cover, and live in bohemian cafes in another location?

I don't know. But I discovered these things in Milwaukee, so it will always be special to me.

I feel so lucky that Milwaukee and the people I loved there shaped me. I will always carry those four years with me and be proud of who I grew into there.

Two cafes I hung out in were playing Arcade Fire. So hip, MKE, so hip.

On my last day in town I walked around Bayview--though it was 17 degrees out!

Ahh, the Milwaukee Public Market, which I loved from its opening weekend my sophomore year. More great vendors have moved in since, and it was a great place to drink rose tea and warm up.

The art museum was closed that day. It was a foreboding sight in the snow.

Ended my stay in Riverwest.

I would like to tell a Riverwest Co-op story: I walked in through the 17-degree weather and my face was so chapped it was red. My hands hurt, even though I was wearing gloves.

I asked if they sold any hand lotion, but it had to be in a 3-oz-or-less bottle because I was about to get on a plane. They didn't have anything like that for sale, but dusted off an old free sample tester and let me take it for free. It was a beeswax lavender lotion, and it was so comforting I could have cried.

I almost couldn't tear myself away from People's Books Cooperative, especially this ZINE LIBRARY:

But I did. I made my flight and came home, to do many things, but also, to make zines with kids:


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    1. I recommend it! ...But maybe in summertime, ha!

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful time!! Love those snow shots :)