Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week of Celebrations

Sometimes, though it's the middle of a busy week, you leave your city for the night. To DANCE. It kind of feels like playing hooky, though you make it to work the next day.

Back on My Feet Philadelphia is an organization that supports people struggling with homelessness by providing them with a sponsor--who is also a running partner. Participants commit to three runs a week, which evolves into training for a marathon.

At their yearly bash, funds are raised for running supplies. Bash-goers wear formal attire and running shoes underneath.

The vibe of the night was very warm.

OK, and there was a photo booth and open bar. So also: silly.

That was one of the most fun dance floors I have ever been on.

I left the event feeling like I'd just spent the night in a room where people cared deeply about each other. It was so uplifting!

My workweek was very much about celebrating holidays as a community.

I visited two Dia de la Muertos altars this week--one, at a farmers market, for greenhouse-grown marigolds. And one to contribute marigolds made from paper.

Halloween came and went in a blur. The trunk of my car was decorated and filled with treats for more than 600 children:

I dressed as Link from the Legend of Zelda games and helped direct foot-traffic through the event. It's all for the kids, you guys:

OK, and there was some celebrating that was not for the kids:

And then November came, and I guess I should stop dressing up as Nintendo characters in public?

Helped a friend warm a new house. There were many cookies involved.

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