Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You never forget your first love. (Milwaukee, WI)

Milwaukee, I love you. From Walker's Point to Riverwest, from Bayview to the North Side and everything in-between.

I re-visited my old haunts in Brew City this weekend and my love for MKE burns eternal.

Most days I can't remember what it felt like to be a Marquette student--I am far away and immersed in another world.

But once on the ground my internal compass pointed me toward Brady Street. I took advantage of what I could around campus and in downtown Milwaukee, but there was such a thrill in hopping a bus (or taking a long walk) and discovering other neighborhoods. My first off-campus love was Brady Street.

The first coffeeshop I ever came to haunt--with homework and a novel and some paper and a pen--was Rochambo. I returned with knitting and a magazine and the hours slipped away.

Ahh, and then there's the Oriental. An indie movie theatre with a punk rock history and the longest running live cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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