Sunday, January 18, 2015

100 Years, 100 Voices

It was a bright but cold day for our visit to the Montclair Art Museum. Many of the galleries are under construction until the end of this month, but the 100 Years, 100 Voices exhibit was worth the price of admission (which, incidentally, is half off until February 2015 since so much of the museum is currently blocked off).

100 Years, 100 Voices includes works by Rothko, Warhol and Edward Hopper. There's a special focus on artists from New Jersey, and the collection suggests different ways of viewing urban expansion in 19th and 20th Century America.

I was stopped in my tracks by "Queensborough Bridge" by Elsie Driggs (Though I admit, I thought it was a Stella at first.)

I'm a sucker for straight lines and bright lights, I guess. The clean, determined look of this piece shows excitement for the future (the work debuted in 1927), and a celebration of industry.

It was such a stark contrast with Colin Campbell Cooper's "Old Grand Central Station" (1906):

There may be some pretty pastel lighting here, but that is a dirty, smoky city.

"Box II" by Larry Kagan was just delightful:

This piece was new in the sculpture garden. My group had several theories...

Haunted some funky vintage couches for coffee/tea.

And then we maybe sneaked some unbelievable donuts into a rather somber movie. Don't judge.

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