Sunday, January 11, 2015

Heat, Color, Craft

I've been trying to stay sane through a particularly cold and dark week; as always, there are bright spots to find.

This week work brought me to the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.

bwe kafe in Hoboken is a great spot! Even if it's to sip tea quickly before a meeting.

I traveled toward the other end of NJ that night, though not for work. I soaked in steam and the smell of birch, then shocked my system in the ice pool, at a Russian spa.

It was very, very hard to leave the hot water and steam rooms. Eventually (after two hours) I did!

I cannot live in a Jacuzzi, I am told. At the very least, I can fill myself with hot food. Lately I am obsessed with fake-bacon fake-cheese melts.

Last step: add avocado
Confession: I ate real bacon once before I was a vegetarian. I don't remember it. So this is a pretty awesome treat for me... real-meat lovers may disagree!

And this, a tofu version of Moroccan shakshouka:

There's nothing like a great cookbook (Vegan Express by Nava Atlas) to inspire me to make a vat of food.

I love food that is colorful and flavorful and spicy. THEN I got this new bit of color this week, hand-made for me:

I... still can't crochet. Oops. But I gladly accept crocheted gifts!
I confess: I have not been crocheting. I've been hand-sewing fabric-y projects and reading, though!

Then today I had an online photography exhibit go live at the Camel Saloon. I tried to see things I pass every day in a different light. I also went exploring through the state I grew up in to find weird and wonderful things.

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