Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friday the 13th, the 2nd.

I'm not really sure why Uber cabs were so expensive all weekend (it was the 9-degree weather I suppose) and everyone kept asking us if we had dinner reservations.

People really love Friday the 13th Weekend I guess!

We got a special treat: a home-made brunch from a friend in West Philadelphia/Walnut Hill.

Each dish was amazing and flavorful. YUM.

For years I've been reading about the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, and I was excited to explore it for myself that night.

We felt right at home in Frankford Hall--we love craft beer and board games. Someone had scribbled rules and challenges all over a Jenga set, which kept us amused for a while.

Today, Friday the 13th part 3, we really only made one stop.

Bean Exchange Coffee House was a great find. I could have haunted it, reading, all day...

(Remind me to go back to the Bella Vista neighborhood. During warmer weather.)

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