Sunday, February 15, 2015

Killa-delphia, PA

Philadelphia is less than two hours away from where I live, yet I've hardly spent any time there.

This weekend I got more of a taste of that city. And it is a dirty, gritty, punky, delicious city.

This was my fourth AirBnB trip, and a positive experience once again.

Our host was beyond accommodating, and seemed to truly enjoy meeting folks from all over the world:

Check out this whole wall of a map and suggestions:

That night (a Friday the 13th) we started off at Prohibition Taproom for dinner and beerz (both excellent). It was walking distance from where we stayed--which was in the Poplar/Spring Green neck of the woods.

Then to the Fairmont neighborhood, for a show at North Star Bar.

Hunted down a friend from New Brunswick and reconnected:

It was great to come in from the cold and warm up to Something like a Monument:

Then had a great time jumping around during the Molly Rhythm set:

And passing around their inflatable dinosaur toys in the pit and from the balcony. No lie.

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