Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hoboken, Foreboding

I think I'm finally far enough along in my career to understand how hard it can be to change a normal week's schedule to attend trainings or conferences in a different location. Yes, new skills or connections appeal. But I have my routine down and it's hard to break away.

That said, I am eternally grateful that I spent three days this week being trained to teach youth to build robots that DIVE. UNDERWATER.

Sure, I did things like leave my house at 6:30 a.m. for a drive to Hoboken, attend a full day of training, and then race back to New Brunswick to lead youth programs until 8 p.m. Those are some pretty demanding days.

But there was one magical day when I had an afternoon to myself in a different city. So I explored Hoboken with a notebook and a camera:

I like photographing on overcast days! Some of these photos look foreboding, but my memories from this week are warm.

I returned to Bwe Kafe more than once this week.


I ended my solo time with an hour in the Hoboken Public Library. LOVED that building:

Turns out the Quiet Study Room was the ideal place for a blogger to spend an hour or two really delving into John Ashbery, because he certainly is influential but she doesn't really get him and she should at least give it an honest try.

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