Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Leave Virginia Alone! Memorial Day Weekend on the York River, VA

Long weekends are always welcome in my book. I spent Memorial Day 2015 six hours south and west, on the York River in Virginia.

I love watching a sunset on the road:

As we pulled in to an unlit property off a country road, we realized we were trailing Dr. Satan?

...I wonder if it's an MD or a PhD.

And also that we were on Route 666?

But the weekend was peaceful, gorgeous, and nothing occult-y happened. At. All.

AirBnB blessed me once more, with kind, fascinating hosts and a gorgeous property, right on the York River in Shacklefords, VA:

I live my life in urban New Jersey, so the quiet of the river house was, at first, a shock. STARS, we could see STARS, and that moon!

Not pictured: frogs, toads, turtles, big old spiders, snakes and more.

I'd never been to Yorktown, VA before, but it was familiar from my grade school history books. I wasn't expecting a quaint, beach-y strip and farmers market!

We drove along some colonial highways between Yorktown and Williamsburg. The drive was gorgeous.

We stopped at one of the outlook points and discovered a colony of crabs there. The habitat seemed very healthy--it was a joy to see.

I hadn't been to Colonial Williamsburg since I was on a high school class trip, and something key has changed: I can really enjoy the local brewery!

Bummed around the College of William & Mary, paying homage to Jon Stewart along the way.

But I think some of my best memories of this weekend will always be serene moments on the river:

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