Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer is for Live Music

Began and ended this week in New York City (with weeklong overnight camp in-between). First, meeting up with my family to see Wicked on Broadway. It truly was magical.

This is my family, in one photograph: homemade pickles, from cukes grown in the backyard garden. On a beer tray.

CAMP! Science Camp was exhausting yet fulfilling. Here is a pic of some impressive high school students contemplating the link between preschooler nutrition and body image, inside a Nutritional Sciences lab:

14-hour days made the week go by fast. Suddenly I was in Montclair, visiting friends.


A farm-to-table restaurant. Also, French. French farms but also local food?



From there, back to NYC for more live music. Summer is FOR love music, and it was a hot summer day for 4Knots 2015.

My week had been highly regimented, so it was a gift to get into the city early, and wander around with a book and a camera.

I'm noticing lots more open-to-the-public green spaces. Well done, Manhattan.

Also, juice bar on every corner. I'll take it!

Started the day with Happyness:

You can take a girl out of New Brunswick, NJ, but she will always find Screaming Females:

Ah yes. This outdoor festival had many promotional tents giving out free samples or swag. I dig my new wine-purple shades:

Lots of places gave out sunglasses, actually:



Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, always entertaining:

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