Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beachy Birthday

I celebrated my birthday last Sunday by enjoying the Jersey Shore (Sandy Hook) with friends. I borrowed my parents' minivan and beach passes and filled every seat. Three other cars met us there. On that hot day that kept threatening to thunder storm but never did, I looked out at my 14 guests and felt grateful for each of them.

Oh. Let's talk about the Edward Cullen blanket. Last year I celebrated my birthday with a picnic, and I stocked up on thrift store blankets beforehand. The HUGE Edward Cullen blanket didn't even seem like an option--it HAD to happen. So this week, Edward Cullen went to the beach.

Travel chair?

Drip castle 1:

Drip castle 2:

Drip castle 3:

I think I was trying to capture the sand, but I like this shot of the photographers' shadows:

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