Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer on the D&R Canal

I always called one stretch of a hiking path I love the Hutcheson Memorial Forest--and that leg is.

But it actually links up to a long line of paths, including one that leads to and through the Delaware & Raritan Canal. (It is ALSO linked to a network of paths that go from Maine to Florida. But that's another goal altogether.)

When the summer heat finally breaks and there's a beautiful morning, it is time for a long walk. Four miles in one direction + four miles back = eight miles = WOW VERY THIRSTY WOW.

This sight was so startling it stopped me in my tracks. A heron and two turtles seem to be posing:

They weren't moving at all! I can't believe I got to capture them (on film).

The canal was used for trade and travel generations ago--the hand cranks don't work now. But I'm glad they've bee preserved, so we can look back toward a very different NJ.

Also, turtles. SO MANY TURTLES!!

My spirit animal is definitely a sunbathing turtle.

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