Friday, October 2, 2015

Calabash, it's what's for dinner! (Fall 2015 things)

It's October! It's chilly! It's... likely because the East Coast of the U.S. is getting a hurricane! That's not very autumnal. But other areas of my life have been.

In late September I felt the urge to knit again--after a long hiatus. A friend introduced me to the HeartScarves program, run by Women Heart.

The mission: to visit women in the hospital because of heart disease, and to make their stay a little more comfortable with a red scarf.

Knitters can make red scarves--any shade of red, any pattern, and mail them in. I made a familiar pattern in a week, and it felt great to get back into the groove:

I found this in a bin at a farm stand. The sign said calabaza and nothing else.

I bought it, roasted it. Made it into soup. Read up on the calabash--a very ancient New World squash. Fun to eat, and the shells were used for making bowls, traditionally.

Calabash and coconut oil, very yummy.

One reality of working with children's programs is: You celebrate all seasons with (for) them.

This month I'll participate in one Haunted House fund raiser. Spoooky!

Also, this event is my life. But every year it ensures that I dress up for Halloween:

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