Friday, November 6, 2015

Inspector Deck's on the set: One day in Philadelphia

We love burritos. We love sushi. But never had we tried a sushi-rito--a thick sushi roll in burrito fashion--until yesterday.

It was an overcast day, but pleasant to walk around in:

Spent a few hours in the Franklin Institute. It felt like we were taking an adult class trip!

We were largely drawn in by the special exhibit on Genghis Khan.

But Foucault's Pendulum also kept us mesmerized:

Legodelphia: My dream city:

Celebrating all this knowledge made us hungry. For donuts.

I really cannot recommend Federal Donuts highly enough. They were made fresh and warmed me to my bones.

We'd heard rumors of a Wu Tang Clan themed beer on Philly's West Side, so we headed over to Dock Street Brewery.

Alas, the Wu Tang brew had sold out almost instantly when it was debuted the night before. But we enjoyed every draft we tried--from a light pumpkin beer to an espresso stout.

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