Monday, December 21, 2015

Crazy Cook Week: A Different Recipe Every Day

I accidentally planned a week where I cooked something from scratch every day--mostly for work. I took pictures when I could. It seemed like a daunting prospect--but it was fun!

Thursday, December 10, Almond Sandies. Just because:

Tuesday, December 15, holiday party for Teen Council club. Mac'n'cheese is life.

Wednesday, December 16, Kiddos do a final (and very late) garden harvest, and Miss Laura cooks for them.

For our final Science of Soil program, I brought in baked turnip chips and spinach bread. End-of-program evaluations include lots of surprise at how much 5th graders enjoy turnips. It's the most impressive heist I've ever pulled off.

Thursday, December 17, staff holiday gathering leads to vegan ziti hot dish:

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